Our work with Aaron Boyd and his team at VirTerrus aimed at moving our SaaS product named Zeus, which is a Building Energy Management and Fault Detection web application to the cloud. Our main goals were to make sure that we addressed our customers’ security concerns, being able to scale up quickly and being responsive in terms of delivering product features via Zeus in a timely manner. We were thrilled when Aaron and his team responded quickly so as to get us to a cloud based SaaS model in less than 2 months. After 9 months when we needed additional cloud resources to meet our growing needs, we were quickly able to do so. That was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goals. What we appreciated most about working with Aaron and his team was their ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results and then some.

Sachin S. Pawaskar Phd, MBA,
Chief Technology Officer, Building System Solutions, Inc.


The BSSI approach is a team approach to managing and reducing energy and utility usage. The team members include customers, BSSI’s team of professionals and today’s real time monitoring technology. Each part of the team relies upon the other for continuing success. BSSI’s team of professionals provides the support and expertise needed to control, monitor, manage and significantly reduce energy and utility usage.
Our Zeus family of web based, real time products allows customers to ‘connect’ so they can monitor, manage and reduce expensive energy and utility costs. This includes Hvac, lighting, card access, video surveillance systems as well as monitoring meter data such as energy, water, gas and steam.


Construction / Building Systems Integration


BSSI’s premise based IT infrastructure added cost and complexity to their business strategy and overall core ability. They desired a simplified approach to management, maintenance and support of their systems along with increased security to prevent potential data breeches and security threats. Their premise based servers and resources were NOT capable of scaling rapidly to meet their customer and employee growth which was quickly rising from their ‘Building Intelligence’ and facility management software applications. BSSI wanted to take a proactive approach to ensure performance and security while ensuring necessary criteria was addressed and put in place for continued business growth.


IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), virtual firewall, and cloud portal to manage environment.


Increased productivity and time to focus on application development

Business growth

Scalable resources on demand

Increased performance and security

Less management and complexity

Cost control

How VirTerrus solved the problem:

This Cloud solution enhanced the overall IT environment, client deliverables and experience allowing BSSI to focus on their core business value. It lowered equipment and support costs creating more time to focus on software development and BSSI’s suite of internet based ‘building intelligence’ products and control systems. BSSI chose this solution to solve their challenges and scale their IT resource to meet budgets and company growth.