IMMERSIVx has worked with VirTerrus for the past 12 months successfully using a cloud-based virtual datacenter and development virtual desktops. Whether in the office or on the road, we have reliable access to our IT infrastructure, desktop and data in a secure environment. VirTerrus provided state of the art computing solutions helping us to better manage investments in hardware and software updates. The team of professionals at VirTerrus are solution oriented and always provide efficient and timely consulting. If you’re looking at moving to the CLOUD, I highly recommend VirTerrus to help you.

Brad Ketel,
Chief TechnologyDirector of Software Development, IMMERSIVx


IMMERSIVx is a technology, process and software development firm providing consulting services and solutions that transform isolated business and financial data into useful and actionable insights. IMMERSIVx works with companies in all industries, but specializes in the Architecture, Construction and Owner/operator markets that utilize BIM, GIS and Facilities/Asset management tools.


Software Development


Current on premise IT infrastructure could not keep up with the growing software development needs and requirements. IMMERSIVx needed a scalable solution with a reliable cloud based IT infrastructure to support internal and external client product development and testing from multiple locations on multiple platforms.


The solution provided to IMMERSIVx is a VDC (Virtual Data Center) and VDI (Virtual desktop Infrastructure) from an award winning platform and Cloud Service Provider within our portfolio.


Ease of scalable resources

Controlled costs – No unexpected IT expenditures.

Excellent support for their Cloud environment.

Better remote access to environment and data.

How VirTerrus solved the problem:

The delivered solution supports the IMMERSIVx agile development environment with the ability to scale up and down resources as needed. The solution also provides an economical state of the art IT platform compared to an on premise architecture.