Aaron has been working with Commercial Building Services for over 5 years. He brings many strengths to the table. Aaron is up to date on the latest technology with computer, cloud and telephone services. Aaron successfully transferred us to a cloud based solution. This transition was a difficult decision to make because it was so foreign to us. We had managed our own servers, hardware and software needs in house for over 40 years. The decision was difficult but Aaron kept us well informed presented all pros and cons to each scenario. When we decided to move forward, the transition was smooth and extremely quick. Shortly after going live on the new platform we were already asking ourselves why we didn’t make the switch sooner. Aaron’s customer service, availability, and commitment to his clients’ success is above and beyond our expectations. Aaron is an asset to our team. His dedication, morals and ethics make him a critical component in our IT decision making process. I would highly recommend Aaron and we will continue to take advantage of his knowledge for any current and future telephone and computer needs.

Andy Larsen, Jr.,
Vice President, Commercial Building Services


Commercial Building Services provides the best construction experience possible – thanks to almost 50 years of commercial construction experience.

Having worked on numerous projects, including projects for almost every industry, CBS has the expert knowledge to make your next project successful!




CBS servers were outdated and past their end of life period along with several workstations and operating systems that were no longer supported and needed to be replaced. CBS was looking at a large capital expense for updating their current server infrastructure, workstations, and software to address today’s demands and security threats. In addition to this, CBS was experiencing poor remote access to business apps and data, slow computing performance and lack of a Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery plan, which generated a requirement for a new, updated and cost controlled solution.


DaaS (Desktops as a Service) or Hosted Desktops from a Diamond Validated Service Provider within our portfolio.


Alleviated a large capital expense

Better IT support

Workplace flexibility – anywhere access to all business apps and data from any device (BYODevice)

Increased productivity

Rapid Scalability

Increased security

Always up to date software and licensing

Predictable and budget-able expenses

Business Continuity Plan/ Disaster recovery

How VirTerrus solved the problem:

Modernized their IT environment

Created better performance and anywhere, any device, access

Extended workstation lifecycle

Provided cost control

Created IT as a Service

The BSSI approach is a team approach to managing and reducing energy and utility usage. The team members include customers, BSSI’s team of professionals and today’s real time monitoring technology. Each part of the team relies upon the other for continuing success. BSSI’s team of professionals provides the support and expertise needed to control, monitor, manage and significantly reduce energy and utility usage.
Our Zeus family of web based, real time products allows customers to ‘connect’ so they can monitor, manage and reduce expensive energy and utility costs. This includes Hvac, lighting, card access, video surveillance systems as well as monitoring meter data such as energy, water, gas and steam.