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In addition to some inherent benefits, cloud technology will help solve the cost and complexity of traditional IT approaches.  Businesses can reduce large capital expenditures along with support and maintenance costs.  Shift the cost model to OpEx and know your spend each month – predictable expenses.  Eliminate the need for powerful desktop PCs and resource loaded servers.  The processing power running the various applications and programs is now in the cloud and secure datacenter on high end infrastructure.  Lessen the burden on management and control cost with:

  • Forecast-able and predictable budgeting
  • Management of software and licensing costs at the data center
  • Workstation refreshes and hardware recycles decrease (BYOD)
  • Simplified systems and associated carbon footprints
  • Decreased maintenance time, support, and contracts
  • Reduced travel costs and onsite meetings
  • Re-purposed real estate
  • Creation of new roles

Multiple areas exist where businesses can increase efficiency and cut costs by using new innovations to deploy workforces.  Cloud technology enables us to break free from traditional approaches.  People can utilize the devices they like and are comfortable using – save that corporate cost.  Embrace a BYOD policy (bring your own device).  Cloud technology offers software designed workplaces:  all the data, apps, and collaboration tools needed for your work – just by logging into the cloud platform via the device of choice along with the necessary (and in most cases enhanced) security policies.

Think about new potentials, workplace flexibility, eliminated corporate and personal costs… gas, car maintenance, daily drive thru-COFFEE purchases, dry-cleaning… outside-the-box thinking, remember?!

Your business can harness this mentality and benefit!