Outside-the-Box Thinking – Mobility Transformed (part 4)

by | Mar 16, 2015 | CLOUD TECHNOLOGY, DAAS, IAAS, SAAS | 0 comments

Most IT staffs possess great knowledge and technical skill levels, critical thinking abilities, and overall talent.  With cloud technology, business innovation becomes possible. There is now opportunity to repurpose some of these positions in order to generate higher revenue for the company through a variety of departments and initiatives – not just the IT department anymore.  Apply individual skill-sets from that department across the organization and to strategic projects. It’s all about transforming the way we think and seeing the not-so-apparent inherent benefits.  That’s where you discover the true ROI.  Mind shift!

Cloud technology and utilizing software defined workplaces enables convenience and flexibility.  Realize the various potentials:

  • Recruit the best talent from anywhere (location no longer matters)
  • Cut down on expense accounts
  • Decrease the cost for traveling executives or workforces (reduce the amount of planes, trains, and automobile travel, rentals, and purchases each week)
  • Create new budgets with the savings from these various reductions

Cloud technology and software defined workplaces create efficiency, increase revenues, and provide cost controls through predictable expenses.  Cloud-based platforms can redefine the modern workplace and workforce engagement.  Reshaping our mindset in how we work and maximizing the use of technologies and software sparks innovation and drives revenue.  Businesses benefit from these proven, secure, and scalable superior technologies.  Work smarter – not harder.  We’ve all heard that expression before… cloud technology is a prime example.

By using innovative concepts, transforming our thought process and workday strategy, businesses will reap the rewards of increased productivity through these software defined workplaces.  Experience and measure those productivity gains!

VirTerrus will illustrate the various cloud solutions and provide the decision framework for you to evaluate the potentials and numerous ways this technology can have a positive impact on your business.